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Sun, 05 Feb 2006
dental therapy charter 2005

THE DRAFT DENTAL THERAPY CHARTER OF SOUTH AFRICA “I am a fellow dental therapist(10yrs) , my pledge to my profession is to stop closing my eyes to blatant disregard , humiliation and degradation of dental therapy controlled by people who do not understand our plight. The time has come for all dental therapists to uphold their profession with honor and integrity and take control of their future with their own hands . Only through being professionally constituted and recognized can we cross the final frontier and gain what we have only dreamed of , the time has come for you to put your hands to the plough and together pull ourselves from the oppression and condescending stance adopted by our colleagues in the dental fraternity . I hereby pledge to the profession my commitment to ensure constructive change in Dental Therapy .” This charter has been publicly notarized to resolve the current state of the profession of DENTAL THERAPY and to embrace change in a world without professional discrimination by dentists and dental institutions and colleges controlled by educators and dental committees without appropriate dental therapist representation – determining the future training and development of the profession . Dental Therapists hereby agree to and support the following charter : FREEDOM OF PRACTICE 1. All Dental Therapists should be free to practice their profession as per their training and qualifications and appropriate registration, without restrictions posed or implied by any body within the country . 2. Statutory bodies such as the Health Professions Council Of South Africa (HPCSA) and the Ministry of Health in joint consultation with the representative body of Dental Therapists (DENTASA) should determine the scope of practice and any limitations posed on the practice of the profession. REPRESENTATION 1. Dental Therapists (DENTASA) must be legally entitled to full representation at all levels of governance and institutions that are involved with or related to the profession of DENTAL THERAPY, these include; a) DENTAL THERAPY EDUCATION AND TRAINING b) DENTAL THERAPY BOARD (HPCSA) –DENTASA REP c) MEDICAL SCHEMES COUNCIL / MEDICAL SCHEMES, BOARD OF HEALTHCARE FUNDERS.- DENTASA REP d) MINISTRY OF HEALTH e) LOCAL AND PROVINCIAL DENTAL DEPARTMENTS 2. The South African Dental Association does not represent dental therapy or dental therapists. The only recognized body representing all dental therapists and the profession is DENTASA – Dental Therapy Association of South Africa. DEVELOPMENT Dormancy The current dormancy of professional development is obviously due to the fact that Dentists and others design, facilitate and decide on behalf of dental therapists and dental therapy at various education and training sectors – as a result there has been no concerted effort to develop and advance the profession. 1. Dental Therapists have a right to horizontal and vertical progression in the education and training and practice of Dental Therapy. 2. Dental Therapists have a right to higher education and recognition of their existing and prior dental therapy courses and training in keeping with the recognition of prior learning category and the Skills Development Act as well as SAQA accredited and approved training. 3. No dental therapist should be refused registration with any institution for study of DENTISTRY or related postgraduate courses in healthcare. 4. Training institutions must design programs for, masters, doctorate and postdoctoral studies in Dental Therapy. 5. Bridging Degree courses- Training institutions must put in place and adopt a ladder approach to the development of Dental Therapists wanting to complete their studies and progress to become dentists. 6. Post graduate courses– training institutions must establish post graduate courses in specialized fields such as; a) Prosthodontics – 1yr part time b) Endodontics – 1 yr part time c) Oral surgery – 1 yr part time d) Paedodontics – 1 yr part time e) Orthodontics – 1 yr part time For dental therapists with expanded functions, (Comment) if a dental therapist completes three/ more core courses – endo, prostho, and oral surgery – he should graduate as a general dentist BDS/BCHD. ) 7. Training institutions must employ appropriately qualified dental therapists to be involved in the training of students studying dental therapy. 8. Medical Schemes must be enabled to identify dental therapists with expanded functions and all fees charged will be subject to joint negotiations with DENTASA – these fees should never be set lower than the NRPL FEE set out for general dental practitioners. 9. Dental Therapists should be encouraged and trained in order to fulfill roles such as educators, leaders and decision makers of their own profession. PROFESSIONAL RELATIONS 1. The current position paper adopted by SADA clearly spells out their anti-dental therapist approach to the development and training of dental therapists as well as their position on the very existence of the profession. 2. This is exacerbated by their reluctance to unify the dental professions in South Africa under one Dental Board, as is the international trend in countries such as England – General Dental Council, Australia, and New Zealand etc. This was clearly demonstrated by dentist’s reluctance to join the dental professional board – the dentists board opted to join the medical board. It is clearly this separative mentality that leads to lack of progression in the Oral Health professions. 3. OHASA – At present there is little communication with OHASA. 4. International Linkage – South African Dental Therapists must be recognized internationally as being suitably qualified and enabled to gain registration with any dental board internationally. 5. It is the hope of all dental therapists that in the near future rivalry amongst the dental professions would be minuscule and all dental professions would fall under one representative body and one dental board / council. 6. A task team needs to be created to determine the possibilities that exist to unite the professions. PROFESSIONAL DISCRIMINATION 1. No Dental Therapist should be discriminated against on the grounds of such a person being a dental therapist. Should any form of discrimination occur – the statutory body (HPCSA) must intervene on behalf of such an individual especially if such discrimination occurs amongst practitioners registered with the HPCSA and remedy corrective instruction. 2. Should any other form of discrimination occur in the work environment , amongst colleagues or other institutions – DENTASA – would then intervene on behalf of its members and refer such as the case may be to higher authorities for intervention . SHOULD YOU AS A DENTAL THERAPIST WISH TO ADD TO THIS CHARTER PLEASE DO SO BY EMAILING YOUR COMMENTS TO or post to PO BOX 561646 CHATSWORTH 4030 DBN -KZN LETS STOP COMPLAINING LETS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE NOW …
Posted 17:53


Struggle of Dental Therapists in the public service
Hi I believe Denthasa can win our struggle in the public service especially in Gauteng province as we are undergoing a continious hostile work enviroment.
Posted by mex

Global Recognition of UDW Dental Therapy qualification
Can this please be addressed as I think we serve better abroad.
Posted by Dhishotha

Hi,am a student in Nigeria studing dental therapy in one of the state owned institution, am realy amused by strugle to identify Dental professionals, in Nigeria here things are growing gradually, keep up the good work, God shall see you through. And keep me posted about the profession in detail i could do with a friend South Africa, God bless Nigeria, God bless South Africa.
Posted by Olanrewaju

Accredited Dental Practitioners
There's a dental mobile clinic from Mpumalanga that's offered its services to my son's school but I'd like to first make sure that it's accredited. Where can I find information to confirm if a medical or dental practitioner/association is accredited?

we share the same problems
I am impressed about your attitude and approach to your plight in south africa. It is high time that dental therapists begin to speak up. The marginalisation and supression is very obvious. we share the same plight with u here in Nigeria. keep the good work, those in the UK did not earn it easily without a struggle. Good luck

Am a practicing Dental Therapist in Nigeria for about 7years. Pls, fight harder for you right and one day you shall get freedom as crime against humanity was eradicated in South Africa. Keep on the struggle my friend. LONG LIVE DENTAL THERAPY! LONG LIVE DENTAL THERAPIST!! LONG LIVE DENTISTRY!!!

Hi colleagues as dental therapists in south africa we are better of as compared to our colleague elsewhere. this is the time to compliment unity amongst ourselves and support DENTHASA by registering as members .let us unite dental therapists in the world.same recognition.equal service for equal recognition. from mex@denthasa

pls help this noble profession
thanks for that wonderful article. I am a dental therapist from nigeria with 6 years experience. The same thing is happening here in nigeria, i think this is time for us to come together and fight this battle, we should be allow to practice our work freely. Thanks
Posted by falowo

Struggle Continues Until Victory Is Achieved
Denthasa, that was a good start and I urge you to continue the struggle until our victory is achieved aluta race fellow comrades! We in Nigeria face the same challenge, but we must succeed. I am proud to be a Dental therapist. Long live Dental therapy. Long live Dental therapists. We prevent dental doom for mankind. Chidiebere K.

We Must Rise Up
I am a student studying dental therapy in Nigeria and I have really been motivated by your article, keep it up. We are the Noblest of all as we prevent doom for mankind. God bless Nigeria.

Keep up the good.
I have this strong faith, that soon Dental Therapist ll be under one Board, we just have to be patient. Olanrewaju frn Nigeria.
Posted by Olanrewaju

Keep up the good.
I have this strong faith, that soon Dental Therapist ll be under one Board, we just have to be patient. Olanrewaju frn Nigeria.
Posted by Olanrewaju

To joint your association as dental therapist
I am a dental therapist from Kanombe Military Hospital I need to joint your dental therapist association from your experiency. Thank you

PGD in Dental therapy
Pls. I want to know the method of getting admission to study Pgd in dental therapy in s/africa. Thanks
Posted by Nafiu Usman

career continuation
i thank u all for the vision for dental therapist. Pls how can one gain admmission for PGD in dental therapy in south Africa both full time and online program. Thank you. From Nigeria.

Admission procudure
Hello, I am a graduate in Rwanda at Kigali Health Institute in dental therapy ,I need to do masters in thi field/dental tharepy,thank you .

Togetherness ♥
Just don't know why The Dental Therapy Profession is so so undermined...Am a student in Nigeria studying dental therapy..i've been fortified and encouraged by this charter....Though dental therapists in Nigeria still face little of that from our so called "colleagues"...But one thing is sure "Together we can make this journey of revolutionizing our profession easier"'s only time that shall tell.

Postgraduate study enquiry in south africa
I just finished my internship as a dental therapist in nigeria but need career advancement in south africa. I still need to be posted with available dental therapy job opportunities in south africa.

Good people, great profession
dental therapy is a great profession. i am proud to be a Therapist. one day this profession will be the hallmark of dentistry

help me proffessional mates
i have finish my dental therapy in nigeria were can i go for masters in dental therapy and will they accept me with HND IN DENTAL THERAPY.

am here again
pls if you hv any information to tell me dis my number 08038597907

upgrade this profession
iam student of nigerian army school of medical sciences ojo,studying dental therapy&iam about rounding up my internship iwant to upgrade my self throug this humble profession which step should i take.thank you

upgrade this profession
iam student of nigerian army school of medical sciences ojo,studying dental therapy&iam about rounding up my internship iwant to upgrade my self throug this humble profession which step should i take.thank you

post graduate in dental therapy
I need to do a post graduate in Dental therapy...please do send me the detail...I love your vision...we will get there.
Posted by frank

upgrade this proffession
I don't know why there are no postgraduate courses in dental therapy in Nigeria up till now. i pray something should be done about this.

dental therapist
i am dental student K HI-RWANDA in bachelor dental therapy with honor program(BDT); do more advocy

masters of dental therapy
am a student of dental therapy in sch of health makarfi kaduna nigeria.try 2 see that we are studieng masters program in africa becourse i have not had one.

Call for independence in Dental Therapy practice
I am very proud to be a Dental Therapist but practising in Nigeria is not encouraging at all as Dental Surgeons claim to be all in the dental confrat/team. Here calls the need for independence in the practice of dental therapy as a profession, together we will get there cos our role in dentistry can neva be undermined no matter how hard the dental surgeons might be or else they will be jack of all trade bt master to none. Long live Dental Therapy profession!

when wil Africa grow
It is a pity that thesame thing is hapening to this great profesion all over A frica.Struggle continues very soon we shall get there.Let dental therapist boldly come out and practice there profesion within the ampit of the law especially in Nigeria.Freedom is good but freedom is not free.
Posted by H.O

there is hope for dental therapists
I must commend the courage of my fellow dental therapists all over the world.Irrespective of theproffessional marginaliztion we are getting our libration.I'm proud to be a dental therapist.Know this,you may be marginalise now but you worth is highly esteem.Dental therapy is a good profession,is a type that will never grow old.Be strong.Long live Dental therapy,long live dentistry

Bringing honour to dental therapy as a medical profession
A student of dental school fsdtt enugu Nigeria . I am highly impressed by your article. Please may i know the procedures to gain masters in therapy there at s/ Africa
Posted by Hilary ugwu

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